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  • Pete Karolczak

April 2021 - Celebrating Global Traditions

April 1st is April Fool’s Day in many countries around the world and a chance to fool someone you love, someone you hate or someone you just like to confuse with a clever falsehood or prank! This is one of my favorite days of the year and I once sent out a formal executive message to over 50,000 employees at HP announcing my executive decision to rebrand our cloud business as ‘fog’ in honor of our proximity to San Francisco and our ‘grounded’ perspective. While most people laughed along with me, I received over 100 emails pleading me not to proceed and some even cc’d the CEO of the company! And that’s why I love April Fool’s Day!!!!


Good Friday and Easter Sunday

April 2nd is Good Friday and April 4th is Easter Sunday!!! Easter is a deeply spiritual day for Christians around the world honoring the death of Jesus on Good Friday and culminating with a celebration of his resurrection on Sunday. For the non-Christians, Easter also means the Easter Bunny hiding eggs and children excitedly hunting for hidden treats around the house or garden! In my personal opinion, I’m not sure one should automatically trust small chocolate-looking eggs left behind by bunnies – so maybe just make sure they are wrapped in foil. Around the world, Easter is celebrated in many ways, adding amazing local traditions to the weekend celebration.



Though started in March, the Jewish celebration of Passover ends on Sunday April 4th. The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, is an annual weeklong festival commemorating the emancipation of Jewish peoples from slavery (in ancient Egypt). The Hebrew name, Pesach, means “to passover” because the plague in Egypt that killed all first-borns passed over the Israelites’ homes, sparing the lives of their children.


Qingming Festival

April 4th is Qingming Festival, also called Tomb Sweeping Day or, literally, ‘Pure Brightness’ Festival in English, is a traditional Chinese festival and an important day for most people to sweep tombs in commemoration of their ancestors.


Buddha’s Birthday

April 8th is Buddha’s Birthday and the celebration of Hanamatsuri. Zen Buddhists celebrate this special day with flowers in honor of the birth of their spiritual leader!


Licorice Day

April 11th is Licorice Day and I do love Licorice!



April 12th is also an immensely important day for our Muslim friends around the world as they enter the period of Ramadan – a month of fasting and sacrifice. The Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon, commonly known as the lunar cycle. As a result, the Holy month of Ramadan falls approximately 10 days earlier each year in the Gregorian calendar. The Ramadan start date for 2021 is expected to begin on Monday 12th April 2021, following the sighting of the moon over Mecca. Lasting for 30 days, Ramadan will end on Tuesday 11th May 2021, with the celebratory days of Eid al-Fitr starting on Wednesday 12th May 2021 or Thursday 13th May 2021.


New Years in Laos

April 13th is New Years in Laos, April 14th is Khmer New Years in Cambodia and the 17th marks the New Year in Burma!


St. Tibertius Day

Mid-April – the Cuckoo bird sings from St. Tibertius Day (14th of April) to St John’s Day (24th of June) and is the signal the Spring has officially arrived in England! There are multiple Cuckoo Days in April (depending on where you live) but many parts of England celebrate Spring with traditional Cuckoo Fairs!


Ram Navami

April 21st is Ram Navami, celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama, is a spring Hindu festival which marks the birth of Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu on the ninth day of Chaitra Navratri.


Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. Not sure we deserve this rock we live on – but let’s hope we can continue to think about what it takes to keep the rock healthy and adjust our own behaviors accordingly.


St George’s Day

April 23rd celebrates St George’s Day, the Patron Saint of England! Yes, this is the same George often seen slaying a dragon.



April 25th is ANZAC Day! This very important day celebrates the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps created in WWI and assigned the mission to land on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey on this day during the first world war. The sacrifices and bravery of these soldiers are commemorated throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Bugs Bunny Day

April 30th - the last day of April is not only my birthday, but also Bugs Bunny day. And that’s all folks.

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