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Business Strategy

Delivering Business Strategy - Backed By Experience

Long-term Business

We're helping clients define their North Star long-term strategies, capability gap analysis, defining operational models, organizational design, and simplification of their portfolio strategies. 

Planning & Financial Modeling

We leverage deep financial acumen, insight, and tools for a deeper understanding of your business. This foundation helps drive the planning and requirements to move the company forward. 

Strategy & Governance

Establish a clear, coherent, and consistent strategy that will lead to success. We will help you create a company and portfolio strategy by merging your business objectives and vision with your portfolio strategies for each of your lines of business.

Operating Model & Organizational Design

Align resources and priorities to maximize performance. We’ll work with you to design the best operating model and organizational design for the company—expertly tailored as needed for your situation.

Business Strategy Portfolio

Products & Services

Product Strategy

Product Rationalization 

Product Definition & Planning

Services Strategy

Service Delivery Excellence

Market Feedback

Pricing Methodologies

SaaS Operations, Security & Compliance

Business Strategy & Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Virtual Executive Roles

Board / Advisory Seats

Executive Assessments

Recruiting / Interviewing

Customer Simulations

Client Proof Point

Business Strategy

Our client desired a more focused Services business alongside their existing core product divisions, consolidating relevant functions, and embedding services groups into a single organization. They asked Purple Koru to help them design this new organization.


The results: 

  • Rationalized Organization Design. We delivered a clear structure, functional accountabilities, and interdependencies documented for their new business unit. 

  • Detailed Transition Plans. Every shift of an employee or team from one model to the new model was clearly documented – feeding individual communication plans, budget shifts, and HR system changes.

  • Leadership Assignments. Internal and external candidates were named to key positions, resulting from clear job descriptions and interview processes. 

  • Communication Packages. We helped build packages to share the overall strategy, the operational intent, and the specific team and leadership changes. The changes were communicated with the broader company executive team, peer executives, leaders in the new organization, and all employees.

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