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Abstract Building

Mergers & Acquisitions

Burst capacity to supplement your M&A activity


We help companies set an overall M&A strategy based on their unique needs. Our team has been a part of some of the most significant acquisitions - ever. We know how to analyze the 'build vs. buy' option and ensure that you buy for the right reasons. 

Targeted Hunting & Vetting

Our practice is grounded on data. We build large data sets and search tools to identify and research the right type and size company that will fit into your portfolio, maturity, and corporate structure. Proper vetting at this stage helps only bring the right companies into the due diligence stage. 


Our Due diligence work takes candidates and goes into more profound assessments of the finalists across multiple categories, including; go-to-market, portfolio analysis, delivery and operations, and scalability -- all aligned to the synergy hypotheses. 

Post M&A - Integration Planning & Execution

The most essential aspect of acquiring or merging with another company is how to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls associated with bringing companies together. Our team brings unparalleled experience as leaders of every acquisition and integration at Hewlett Packard over 20 years. 

Mergers & Acquisitions Portfolio

Research Assistance

IT & Technology

Product & Service Delivery

Technical Operations

Support Operations


Marketing & Selling

Collateral Development

Managed Digital Marketing

Virtual CMO

Sales Operations

Marketing / Branding

Talent & Cost of Workforce



Product Strategy

Product Requirements Definition & Planning

Services Strategy

Service Delivery Planning

Market Feedback

Pricing Methodologies

Bundling Strategies

SaaS Operations

SaaS Security / Compliance

Client Proof Point

Merger & Acquisition Activity

We helped our client set an overall M&A strategy based on achieving initial critical mass while leading a capability gap analysis and build vs. buy strategy for M&A potential targets.

We built extensive data and search tooling to identify and then research targeted providers with the right portfolio and maturity. 

Finally, we led detailed due diligence of candidates and even more profound assessments of finalist targets across  Go-to-Market, Portfolio, Delivery, and scalability aligned to synergy hypotheses.

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