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We've worked for Fortune 50 and SMB companies and didn't get a break when we needed to deliver results. We faced 'headwinds' in the economy, our businesses, and the markets we served.

We understand your pressures, project timelines, and budget pressures... coming at you from all angles.

With this mindset, with your mindset, we'll immediately deliver value to your team across a multitude of disciplines without needing a ramp-up time or the added overhead of full-time staff.


Let's brainstorm the best model and resources you'll need to accomplish your goals.

Transformation Programs

You live in a world requiring constant transformation. Do you have team experience to get it done? While transformational goal setting, program structure, and solid planning are essential, no matter what you do, there will be surprises. We have led business and IT transformations for some of the world's biggest companies. We'll help you see and manage through the pitfalls that make the most significant differences. In this area, experience matters.


  • Digital Transformation 

  • IT Transformation

  • Resource planning and talent transformation

  • Geographic expansion

  • PMO setup

  • Planning and metrics

  • Program Management 

Marketing and Selling

Marketing and Selling are never-ending challenges that can continuously be tweaked or improved. While some changes are significant, sometimes you just need a slight redirection, a different approach, coaching, or a fresh set of experienced eyes. Our team includes former CSO and CMOs with a history of results. Most importantly, we love to teach and leave your teams stronger than before.

  • Channel/Partner programs 

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales assessments

  • Sales training

  • Virtual CRO/CSO

  • Collateral Development

  • Managed digital marketing

  • Marketing strategy

  • Content Management 

  • Virtual CMO


Whether you are considering or already executing a merger, acquisition, or carve-out, we know how challenging these projects can be. We know because we have personally led some of the largest of these projects in the industry. We have learned how to plan, measure and execute these critical projects so that you achieve the results you were hoping to achieve.  


  • Strategic PMO setup

  • Due Diligence

  • Merger & Acquisition

  • Day-One planning

  • Carve-outs

  • Value Capture planning

  • ​Outsourcing planning

Products and Services

We assume you have excellent product roadmaps and plans. We offer a set of best practices and processes to improve your investment focus, development plans, and market success. This is an area most often ignored, yet we have had some of our most significant results. 

  • Product strategy

  • Product rationalization 

  • Product requirements definition and planning

  • Services Strategy

  • Service delivery excellence

  • Market feedback

  • Pricing methodologies

  • Bundling strategies

  • SaaS operations

  • SaaS security & compliance

As a an enterprise executive, I need...


"I need expertise that I don't have and need someone who can immediately provide value both strategically and tactically."

Acquisition or Carve-out Experience

"As a company, we are hoping to acquire, merge or divest and do not have the experience we need to be successful.  "

Strategic Advice

"I am seeking strategic advice from someone who has run large enterprise organizations and can provide much-needed insight at this critical time.  " 


"We seek help to transform our business.  We are motivated, we are talented but we are not experienced in planning and executing a program this large."

Virtual Executive

"A virtual executive is vital to backfill an open role and help with us until we find a long-term solution.  We want a trusted partner who can help us during this transition, choose the right successor and help us with a smooth transition."


"My communications are vital to my success and I need help with both internal/external communications and branding, especially in today's remote work environment." 

Contact Us. 

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We would like to learn about your goals and challenges and discuss ways we might be able to help you. And even if we can't help, as management consultants who truly care, we will try to recommend others who can. 
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