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& Growth

Leveraging expanded analytics and deep experience

Sales Performance Acceleration

Adequate sales acceleration can be manifested across multiple aspects of the business. We take a data-driven approach to find success and challenges, drill down into the root causes, and devise a plan to move forward. 


A common theme among most companies is the inability to retire products and services after they've run their course, are irrelevant, or the result of multiple acquisitions and never cleaned up. Using deep data analysis, we'll help streamline your portfolio. 

Marketing & Sales Enablement

Ensuring your sales teams have the right content at the right time during a sales pursuit can make the difference between winning and losing. We've built award-winning programs that leverage technology, process, analytics, and teamwork to increase efficiency across product management, marketing, and sales. 

Pre-Sales TCO/ROI Tooling

Good pre-sales and sales tools can enable sales and management to make the right decisions on pricing and margins, which are vital for growth and profitability. Our team has managed and built robust yet straightforward tools that are nimble enough to keep up with change. 

Go-to-Market & Growth

Marketing & 

Channel / Partner Programs

Sales Strategies

Sales Tools

Strategic Introductions

Sales Training & Coaching

Virtual CRO/CSO

Marketing Strategies

Collateral & Content Development

Managed Digital Marketing

Virtual CMO


Product Strategy

Product Definition & Planning

Service Delivery Planning

Services Strategy

Market Feedback

Pricing Methodologies

Bundling Strategies

SaaS Operations

Security & Compliance


Client Proof Point

Workforce Rebalancing & Restructuring

Our client is a large company that leveraged Purple Koru to help accelerate their customers' subpar purchase rate of managed services and software. 

We focused on the following areas:

  • Actionable insights – Collected and drove data insights to the right level of granularity that enabled targeted actions

  • Effectiveness of field execution model – Determined the ability for driving the right leverage across the hardware seller force and channel partners

  • Portfolio packaging and competitiveness – Evaluated content and simplicity for all sellers to easy promote the offering 

The Findings


Insights identified areas for improvements:

  • Portfolio complexity – This hindered the ease for sellers to position services and customers to understand.

  • Seller execution – Hardware seller generalists inconsistent in positioning services.

  • Inconsistent channel partner performance. Services not packaged to align with channel requirements. 

The Results

  • Identified the ability to increase sales two-fold

  • Simplified the portfolio to enable any seller to consistently position the services

  • Built a new sales model with new sales enablement content and execution model tailored for sellers' personas

The combination our executive experience in portfolio management, sales leadership, marketing, and sales enablement allowed us to quickly assess and impact the organization. 

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