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The Koru

Data-driven processes and tools that quickly derive insights and put them into repeatable action. 

Fit-for-Purpose Tools & Process

The Koru orchestration platform, enables rapid correlation of data from disparate sources, detailed data-driven decision-making, and automated results-tracking.

Normalize & Correlate Data 

We normalize and correlate the data sets so we can start to identify patterns, complexity, missing data sets, or gaps in a customer’s architecture.


Templates for Transformation

We have templates for most transformation projects, but we will then assemble an arsenal of data-driven tools aimed at the problem we are trying to solve – from workforce reshaping to application rationalization. 

Data-driven Processes

With these Koru Engines and our data-driven practices, we can gain a deeper level of insight on the business and start to drive corrective or transformational actions. 

Companies usually don’t have a shortage of data, reports, or dashboards. 

What we usually find missing are management processes that use that data to derive insights and put them into repeatable action. 

This is where Purple Koru shines. We combine our deep experience knowing ‘what’ to look for with an ability to rapidly assemble tools aimed at the problem we are solving.
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