Helping your Nonprofit

You have chosen to follow your heart and exercise your business skills and leadership talents in a nonprofit venture.  Several of our partners also run nonprofit businesses and we share your passion.  That means we know, despite many misconceptions, that nonprofit businesses are not given permission to lose money.  You still need to run your venture like a business.  You still need to think about cost and income, about finding the right talent, about company operations and even about security.  We feel so strongly about this segment that we have built a practice focused on helping nonprofits that delivers our normal services at a standard nonprofit discount.  We believe in what you're doing and want to help.

Purple Koru Helps Nonprofit Leaders
Company Setup
Marketing and Selling
Executive Advisory

Non-profits still need to run like a business to be effective and there are many little things you need to think about.  We'll take a hands-approach with clear goals in mind to get your non-profit operational.  We'll also bring a strong network of colleagues to help in key areas if required.


  • Company set-up

  • Partner introductions incl legal, accounting, banking

  • Initial brand strategy, digital presence and collateral

  • Initial IT-in-a-box 

  • Initial company processes

  • Business planning

  • Talent recruiting

  • Advisory board roles

Like any business, nonprofits need to 

generate awareness and make money to stay alive.   And like any other business, marketing and selling is hard, especially if you don't have the sales leadership or channels in place yet. Don't be afraid to ask for help during this stage. From opening doors to virtual roles, we can help.​

  • Sales strategies

  • Sales tools

  • Sales training and coaching

  • Virtual CRO/CSO

  • Marketing strategies

  • Collateral development

  • Managed digital marketing

  • Virtual CMO

We have built a series of pre-integrated IT and business applications capable of running your business without any local IT complexities.  We know how to keep it simple, secure and nothing more than you need. 

  • IT setup

  • SaaS application selection and configuration

  • Ongoing management 

  • Local on-call support

  • Troubleshooting

  • Contract negotiation

  • Security and Compliance 

We will never be able to match your knowledge or passion for your venture, but we do offer our outside-in perspective, coaching and active listening.  We love to solve problems and love to help you and your team work through complex problems.  

  • Executive advice

  • Virtual executive roles

  • Innovation workshops

  • Advisory board setup

  • Strategic planning

  • Scenario planning

As Nonprofit leader, I need...

Purple Koru helps nonprofits with the services they need


I need expertise that I don't have myself or in-house and need someone who can immediately provide value both strategically and tactically.


I'm seeking strategic advice from someone who has done this before and can give me the practical and honest advice I need.


I need to raise money to take my nonprofit to the next level but need help navigating these intimidating waters.

Marketing & Sales

I'm looking for marketing and sales expertise to help me transition from an idea to a fully functional donation-generating operation. 

Virtual Executive

A virtual executive is vital to help get me to the next stage in my development. While I don't have the resources for a fulltime employee right now, I still need help.  


I need processes defined and established so I can expand my nonprofit and scale when this thing takes off.