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The Innovator. 
The Founder.  

Running a startup inside an enterprise company or stand-alone - Purple Koru is your ideal partner. We are founding companies from scratch, raising money in Ireland, taking a company public in Canada, and have launched 'startups' inside large enterprise companies. 

Starting something new takes work. 

Trusting that your vision, hard work, and effort will stay on track as you grow the new program in your company or start a new business is a perilous task. 

We know that you've reached your current stage and need help pushing your dream further toward reality. The Purple Koru team has worked in numerous start-ups and understands the need to roll up your sleeves and get things done. We have also worked for some of the most prominent companies globally and know how to work within the bureaucracy you face while setting you up for success. 

We'll be your strategic and tactical partner across various services.

​Company or Program Setup

If this is your first startup or internal company launch, there are many little things you need to think about. We'll take a hands-on approach with clear goals to get your idea operational. We'll also bring a strong network of colleagues to help in critical areas if required.
Company or program set-up
Partner introductions, including:

  • Legal, accounting, banking

  • Brand strategy, digital presence, and collateral

  • Business planning

  • Talent recruiting

  • Advisory board roles

Marketing and Selling

The most important thing you can do is get early market traction. It's also the hardest, especially if you still need to get the sales leadership or channels in place. Don't be afraid to ask for help during this stage. From opening doors to virtual roles, we can help.


  • Channel/Partner programs 

  • Sales strategies

  • Sales tools

  • Strategic introductions

  • Sales training and coaching

  • Virtual CRO/CSO

  • Marketing strategies

  • Collateral development

  • Managed digital marketing

  • Virtual CMO

Investor Engagement

​When you're ready to raise capital, startups need help that comes with experience. In all cases, you need to nail down a business plan that makes sense and tell a story that resonates internally and externally. If needed, we'll help you find the right source of capital for your needs. 


  • Investor outreach

  • Pitch deck development

  • 5-year business planning

  • Valuation improvement

  • Collateral creation

  • Pitch rehearsals

Product Strategy

Your great idea has gotten you this far, but now it's time to turn it into a product or service that customers will buy. We have substantial experience in this area to help with feature prioritization, base vs. add-on strategies, and, last but not least, pricing.

  • Product strategy

  • Product requirements definition and planning

  • Services strategy

  • Service delivery planning

  • Market feedback

  • Pricing methodologies

  • Bundling strategies

  • SaaS operations

  • SaaS security & compliance

As a leader, I need...

Investor Engagement

"​I need to raise capital to take my company to the next level but need help navigating these intimidating waters."

Virtual Executive

"A virtual executive is vital to help get me to the next stage in my development. While I don't have the resources for a fulltime employee right now, I still need help.  "


"I need processes defined and established so I can expand my business and scale when this thing takes off." 


"I need expertise that I don't have myself or in-house and need someone who can immediately provide value both strategically and tactically."


"​I'm seeking strategic advice from someone who has done this before and can give me the practical and honest advice I need."

Go-to-Market & Growth

"I'm looking for Go-to-Market assistance to help me transition from an idea to a fully functional revenue-generating operation."

Contact Us. 

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We would like to learn about your goals and challenges and discuss ways we might be able to help you. And even if we can't help, as management consultants who truly care, we will try to recommend others who can. 

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