The Purple Koru Team

Here are the talented people thinking strategically and acting tactically every day. 


Pete Karolczak

Entrepreneur & Enterprise Executive In One

Pete is a well-versed leader who delivers large-scale transformations, operations excellence, executive advisory, and portfolio and product strategy to enterprise, startup, and early-stage companies. He's a hands-on operator: an artist: creative and adaptable AND an engineer: highly technical and operationally disciplined - one of the few senior corporate executives to thrive in the chaos of early-stage startups.


Martin O'Brien

Enterprise Architecture Guru

Like the rest of the Purple Koru team, Martin is the person you want to help build your business vision and strategy. Then, he'll work with you to see it through to fruition, both vertically and horizontally.


Kerry Dano

Digital Transformation Leader, Mentor & Master

Kerry is a digital transformation leader and mentor who helps companies with complex data curation and value delivery. He is uniquely qualified in driving senior management teams to the creation and implementation of a strategic vision.


Paula Mott

Compliance, Continuity & Risk Management Master

Paula brings strategic and tactical experience to our clients in Strategic Planning & Growth Strategies, Performance Optimization, Business/Asset Management Due Diligence/Acquisition and Oversight, Mergers & Acquisitions, Risk Governance, Risk Management, Asset Protection, IT/OT Cybersecurity, IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Business Continuity, Compliance, Blockchain, Start-ups, Venture Capital.


Kevin J. Thomas

Swiss Army Knife of Marketing, Communications & G2M

"There is no end to what we can learn." With a growth mindset, Kevin thrives living on the leading edge of technology, process, leadership, and application of marketing, communications, and program that are grounded around a customer-centric approach to business.


Tiffany W. Liu

Innovation Advisor, Sales Transformation, Strategy, Acceleration & Buddhist Humanitarian

As a social entrepreneur, business advisor, spiritual writer, leadership speaker, and humanitarian volunteer, Tiffany is on a mission to transform the world from inside out.


George Milliken

Full Lifecycle Technology SaaS Development Leader

George brings a deep and wide range of expertise in production SaaS operations, DevOps, Database Platform Cloud Migrations, and Strategic Enterprise Transformations. For 20+ years he’s built highly-productive globally distributed teams focused on full life-cycle enterprise SaaS application development.


Rob Russo

Principal Technical Architect, Engineer, Technical Sales Champion

Rob is steeped in technology while always focused on solving the customer's pain-points. While he loves technology, he's quick to not throw technology at issues for technology's sake. Instead, he ensures he is addressing the underlying needs of the business through the use of technology. (or not)


Anthony Gayter

Large Scale Transformation Guru

He creates methods to the madness and drives the integration across multi-supplier environments from both a corporate and consulting capacity, directly impacting the corporation's bottom-line.


Aaron Polikaitis

Technology Sourcing and Procurement Executive

Aaron is a world-class resource for contract negotiations, managing sourcing, procurement, and category management. His experience and skills help companies develop and implement policies and strategic relationships. He will help you transform sourcing and vendor management operations from a tactical and uncoordinated operation to a center of excellence.


David Akers

Innovator, Inventor, Technology Wizard

Automation is in my DNA. Mind-numbingly boring work offends my sense of human dignity. I tend to see the big picture of situations and look for the long-term best outcomes.