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The Purple Koru Team

Here are the talented people thinking strategically and acting tactically every day. 


Pete Karolczak

CEO & Co-founder

Pete is a well-versed leader who delivers large-scale transformations, operations excellence, executive advisory, and portfolio and product strategy.


Neville Yates

Technologist & Master Tool Engineer

Neville focuses on technology and end-users, driving improved product content, competitive positioning, corporate strategy, and increased revenues.


Aaron Polikaitis

Technology Sourcing & Procurement Executive

Aaron is key for contract negotiations, managing sourcing, procurement, and category management - making procurement a strategic resource.


Simon Branch-Evans

Transformation Executive

Simon leads large scale IT Transformations, Multi-Region IT Operations, Organization Restructuring and Cloud Technology Deployment.


Kevin J. Thomas

CMO & Co-founder

Kevin focuses on marketing, communications, branding, go-to-market, sales enablement, and the application of customer-centric programs.


Martin O'Brien

Enterprise Architecture Guru

Martin drives the Koru Engines, business vision, and technology strategy across companies with a vertical and horizontal data-driven approach.


Kerry Dano

Digital Transformation Leader

Kerry helps companies with complex data curation and value delivery, while being uniquely qualified in the creation and implementation of strategic visions.


Jim Murphy

Sales & Digital Engagement

Jim's super power is advancing business through the application of technology in both the technology and services spaces.


Flavio Santoni

Go-To-Market Officer

Flavio brings 30+ years of revenue leadership management experience, focused on strategic direction, operations, and revenue generation.


Anthony Gayter

Large Scale Transformation Guru

Tony drives the integration across multi-supplier environments from both a corporate and consulting capacity, directly impacting the corporation's bottom-line.


Tiffany W. Liu

Innovation Advisor & Sales Transformation Guru

A social entrepreneur, advisor, spiritual writer, leadership speaker, and humanitarian volunteer, Tiffany is on a mission to transform the world from inside out.

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