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Private Equity

We help Private Equity and corporate teams that do not have large in-house operating partner organizations with every phase of their business requiring particular skills they don't have in their own teams. 

We'll provide corporate-side insight into due diligence, strategic assessments, or business case development.

We'll provide corporate-side insight into due diligence, strategic assessments, or business case development.


We also enable our clients by helping their portfolio companies, engaging those executive teams, and engaging in whatever way they need to help them turn their companies around.


We constantly listen to the market and we hear how companies are under pressure to grow, partner, acquire, or expand their services. However, they typically don't have the right resources in-house or cannot add a full-time headcount.


Purple Koru brings the expertise and experience to answer their questions and support their needs. 


We know you have the finest financial minds in the industry. What we bring to your team is a wealth of IT, Sales/Marketing, and Operations experience to see things you don't want to miss.  We have led dozens of due diligence initiatives and know-how to not only find the truth behind the numbers but offer practical assessments and recommendations.

  • IT and Technology 

  • Product and service delivery 

  • Technical operations

  • Support operations

  • Sales operations

  • Marketing / Brand

  • Talent and cost-of-workforce

Marketing and Selling

Post Investment, your portfolio companies still need help! The need to focus on marketing and selling is an essential and never-ending challenge. Sometimes you just need a small shift in direction, a different approach, some coaching or a fresh set of experienced eyes. Our team includes former CSO and CMOs with a history of results. Most importantly, we love to teach and leave teams stronger than before.


  • Channel/Partner programs 

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales assessments

  • Sales training

  • Virtual CRO/CSO

  • Collateral Development

  • Managed digital marketing

  • Marketing strategy

  • Content Management 

  • Virtual CMO

Transformation Programs

Introduce us to the CEO of your portfolio company and we will help them achieve the turnaround on which you are betting.  We have led some of the industry's largest business and IT transformations. We'll help your portfolio CEOs and their executive teams see and manage through the surprises that make the most significant differences.  Our job is to make them successful.

  • Digital Transformation

  • IT Transformation

  • Resource planning and talent transformation

  • Geographic expansion

  • PMO setup

  • Planning and metrics

  • Program Management


We understand the world of Private Equity and the balance you require between ensuring your investments work out while also enabling your companies to run the business themselves. We are senior executives who know how to coach, help and advise other executives; how to assess executive talent and help them achieve results they may otherwise not achieve.  

  • Executive coaching

  • Virtual executive roles

  • Board/Advisory seats

  • Executive assessments

  • Recruiting/interviewing

  • Customer simulations

As a research team, I need...


"We need expertise we don't have in our network and seek someone who can immediately provide value both strategically and tactically."


"We're seeking strategic advice from people who can challenge our thinking, introduce new approaches and help us avoid mistakes already made by others."

Deep Research

"We have a potential partner and want to make sure we make the best decision with the best information we can get.  We need assistance and expertise to see things we might otherwise miss." 


"One of our portfolio companiesneeds to transform ​my business but not sure we know how to even start.  Leveraging an executive who has done this work would be very valuable."

Virtual Executive

"One of our companies needs some temporary or part-time assistance in a key area while we search for the right long-term talent."


"While we prefer to leave our companies alone, we feel we need to intervene and broker specific help to one of our CEOs." 

Contact Us. 

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We would like to learn about your goals and challenges and discuss ways we might be able to help you. And even if we can't help, as management consultants who truly care, we will try to recommend others who can. 

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