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White Crosses

Your Unique

Every journey is unique... mostly

Because every company and every journey is unique, the greatest value we offer is our experience and experiences. Our management consulting experience building relationships and solving complex problems in large companies has helped us tremendously in smaller businesses; while startup agility and ingenuity have helped us achieve breakthrough results in the enterprise. 
Whether you are a startup or an enterprise or something in between, we will do something amazing together  



Helping with the pressure, project timelines, and budget constraints coming at you from all angles with transformation services, GTM, entity and equity, and your product/portfolio. 

Private Equity / M&A Researcher

We help Private Equity firms that do not have large in-house operating partner organizations with every phase of their business requiring particular skills they don't have in their own teams.

Founder & 
Startup Leader

Life as a founder is not easy. We can help you with start-up advisory, go-to-market services, entity and equity strategies, and your product/portfolio. 


We feel so strongly about this segment that we have built a practice focused on helping nonprofits.  We believe in what you're doing and want to help you achieve your mission.

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