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Transformation & Optimization

Transforming and optimizing your company or division

Spend Optimization & Budgeting

We are taking an integrated approach looking across organizations for inefficient licenses, multiple instances of similar software, and oversubscribing resources. We have quickly saved clients millions in the first six months while improving operational efficiencies. 

Workforce Reshaping & Outsourcing

We're ensuring companies align goals and actions to strategic investment priorities and immediately reduce tactical spending to ensure in-year savings goals. We are also focused on adjusting the onshore-offshore mix to ensure longer-term goals

Contracts & License Optimization

With an established technology portfolio roadmap, we coordinate the technology spending across all business segments. We develop a holistic view of what is needed to meet transformation needs, how much is being spent, and for which technologies, so we can save the company money while ensuring the proper tools are in place. 

Delivery & IT Transformation

There are hundreds of moving parts we look at when prioritizing changes in the business. We first ensure organizational transformation alignment and then synchronize multiple transformation streams across the company. 

Transformation & Optimization Portfolio

Transformation Programs

Digital Transformation

IT Transformation

Resource Planning

Talent Transformation

Geographic Expansion or Contraction

PMO Setup and Operations

Planning Metrics

Program Management

Rapid Digital Innovation & Prototyping

Mergers, Acquisitions, Carve-outs

Large-scale Program Management

Cost / Spend Take-out 

Business Transformation

Operating Model Design

Resource / Workforce Transformation

Off-shore / Near-shore Execution

Management of Change

CEO Advisory / Executive Coaching

Client Proof Point

Workforce Rebalancing & Restructuring

Our client was purchased by Private Equity and needed to optimize their labor spend quickly without compromising strategic product Roadmaps. Purple Koru played a lead role in shaping the strategy, instrumenting plans, and facilitating execution.

The results: 

  • Detailed Action Plans. The company has exact names, timing, and savings, for hundreds of actions, including job elimination, offshore migration and outsourcing.

    This enabled the company to manage highly sensitive processes with accuracy, privacy and speed:

    • HR and Legal governance

    • Coordinated notifications 

    • Accurate migration plans

    • Accurate Outsourcing RFP data and transition plans

  • Integrated with the foundational Expense Management solution enabled automatic tracking and reporting of results, deviations from plan, and actual savings.  

  • Coordinated across multiple teams and central functions enabling a well-planned and orchestrated series of change waves, minimizing organizational disruption.  

  • Fast - Purple Koru constructed the technical solution in less than four weeks. 

Our experienced leadership managed the process, the update cadence, the quality reviews, and solution adjustments (as required). 

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