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Flavio Santoni

Go-To-Market Officer

Flavio brings 30+ years of revenue leadership management experience to Purple Koru. He has been responsible for the strategic direction, operations, and revenue generation for a host of technology companies throughout his career. He quickly assesses a company’s vision, technical aptitude, operational efficiency, and market-driven revenue capabilities to deliver guidance and tactical execution to deliver results.

His background spans companies that deliver that cloud-native application development, Kubernetes technology, data center services, autonomous data services for the open cloud, high-performance enterprise file systems, cloud storage, and more.

Flavio is multi-national and understands the operational and market opportunities across boarder and continents. He’s worked in the United Kingdom, Italy, and is now located in the United States.

He earned a degree in Electronics from IX Istituto Tecnico in Milan, Italy. He also has completed the Stanford University AeA/Stanford Executive Institute program for the management of high technology companies.
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