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A Model to Fit Your Needs
Just need an individual expert?
A team to help execute a project?
Or a virtual executive in your team?
You define what Help means and we provide it.

If you need specific management consultant expertise for a short time or for a longer period, we are able to engage in whatever way is easiest for you: on a retainer, hourly, or project basis.


Some of our experts are in very high demand but we will always try to find a way to help. 


Some projects require a lot of help up front and then level back to a smaller retainer.  


Others start small and build to a crescendo during the most intensive phase.


Sometimes you need strategic advisory expertise across a multitude of disciplines for the duration of a project.


Based on your requirements, we can package a set of experts who enter and exit during the length of the program. While this may be planned in advance, we may also recommend adjustments as a larger program progresses.


Our Virtual Executives offer you an experienced leader who becomes an extended member of your team, fully committed, and indistinguishable from a regular employee.

This is especially helpful for startup and smaller businesses that could otherwise not afford a full-time experienced executive, but can't afford inexperience.

Demand is high and our top experts are highly desired, so please contact us to see if we have any full-time virtual capacity at this time.

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