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Welcome to Purple Koru, the 'un-consultant'

Welcome to Purple Koru. I'm guessing you're wondering who we are and what we do; while at the same time, curious about the company name. Perhaps you even Googled 'Koru' and may recognize the New Zealand fern's familiar spiral pattern. No matter what brought you to our page, welcome. As our first official Blog post, let me share a little more about us, why we chose this name, and what we intend to accomplish with our new company.

We are a group of former enterprise executives who have also spent a considerable portion of our careers in startups, nonprofits, and smaller businesses. Simultaneously, we are a group of entrepreneurs who have spent a significant amount of our careers working in large companies within complex environments, across global borders, time-zones, and industries. In either combination, we have found that our 'Duality' of experience has made us more effective. There is as much value achieved by infusing enterprise best practices and process disciplines into the startups we help as there is bringing the nimbleness of a startup into the enterprises we serve. We also share a passion for helping those around us (and ourselves) learn and improve through every experience.

We came together to build a company where we can combine and balance our passions for serving clients, building and transforming things, and helping those around us improve and grow. We created Purple Koru to share our experience and our experiences, offering not just sage advice, but hands-on execution as well. While the industry may call us a 'consulting' firm, our goal is to be the best 'un-consulting' firm. We will strategically advise while executing tactically, engage in whatever way makes the most sense for the problem at hand, and leave our clients with capabilities, best practices, and more confident leaders.

We love hard work, challenging problems, and daunting tasks. All of us have led extremely challenging enterprise transformations or other large-scale projects. We have also all spilled the blood, sweat, and tears of early-stage startups. This shared set of experiences has brought us together, and we look forward to working with you - whether it be with simple advice, a virtual leadership role, or full, hands-on engagement in your strategic project. Reach out, and we can talk about your challenges, and even if we can't help you directly, we will try to suggest others who can.

So last but not least, why Purple Koru?

The Koru is the symbol for our company. Inspired from the New Zealand Maori (which plays an important role in my life), the shape conveys perpetual movement while the inner coil suggests returning to the point of origin. Koru is about growth, hope, and new beginnings. It also represents the harmony between the chaos of change and the calm of achievement.

And while a Koru is usually green, we chose purple because we are different. Between the serenity of blue and the passion of red, it is calm and stimulating, introspective and focused, creative and intuitive,

Purple represents a balance between opposing forces, such as strong values and lofty goals.

And let's be honest. It's a fun name too!

Pete Karolczak

President, CEO

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