Vendor Selection Orchestration

Finding and selecting new vendors is a time-consuming process. While you may be replacing a current provider or expanding your business needs with outside expertise, in either case, you still have a business to run and may not have the time to orchestrate this critical task properly.

It’s time you take advantage of Purple Koru’s extensive experience with hundreds of technology and partner selection processes. We understand the critical balance between decision speed and the requisite due-diligence required to make a good decision.


The key is in preparation and active facilitation – both the candidate technology or service providers and your organization. The process is divided into four phases and focused on helping you make the correct business decision.



A crucial part of this process is either identifying top-quality choices that meet your business needs or helping you finalize selections of the candidates you have short-listed. 

We work with you to finalize your most critical factors to determine the best vendor. Based on our extensive experience, we’ll provide a robust pre-built structure that serves as a foundation to finalize business factors and weighted relative importance.


The guide helps your decision-making process and typically includes:

  • Deal structure and cost

  • Vendor credibility, flexibility, including specific talent

  • Specific experience in requisite technologies

  • Engagement model and co-development processes





Purple Koru will engage the vendor candidates to schedule presentations and request proposals. Still, ultimately, the most crucial step is preparing them to deliver the best proposal to meet your needs. The process includes multiple calls with each vendor candidate so they clearly understand the deal scope, timing expectations, decision criteria, and other process-related expectations.

We will schedule and facilitate multi-hour (typically two hours) sessions for each vendor candidate, giving them sufficient time to introduce their intended teams, presenting their capability differentiation, and engagement model. We will guide them towards including financial estimates at this time, though final quotes may require the down-selection to one or two.





Purple Koru will provide your team with a comparative matrix discussion note tool for them to use during the vendor presentations, thus easing the final team selection discussion.

Purple Koru will orchestrate the final two-hour internal team discussion, reviewing and rating each factor in the decision matrix while guiding the overall team discussion to aid in the vendor selection.

Final Decision


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