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Rationalizing & Optimizing 

Purple Koru saved one client $8+ Million by eliminating outdated technology while streamlining procurement 

Our client was saddled with outdated technology and new technical dept. Like most companies, they struggled to cost effectively manage their portfolio. We retired underutilized legacy assets, reduced COGS, and added new tech assets. Our coordinated procurement activity for new technology eliminated cloud sprawl, while modernizing their portfolio to drive transformation initiatives. 

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Our practices are based on our experiences. If you want to do something with people who have done it before, call us. 

Strategy Meets Execution

Purple Koru helps clients tackle complex challenges with our experience, data acumen, and proven tactics we have developed through years of execution.

We are experienced executives who know how to roll up our sleeves while being business data scientists,  transformation leaders, and collaborators.  

Delivering results with strong consulting practices


We'll help develop your long-term business strategy, business planning, financial modeling, portfolio strategy and governance, and organizational design.

Transformation & Optimization

Leverage the Purple Koru tools and experience to transform your business while optimizing your spending and improving your business efficiencies. 

Go-to-Market & Growth

Get laser-focused on sales performance acceleration, marketing and sales enablement, new products, and pre-sales TCO/RIO tooling. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team has been involved is some of the world's largest mergers. We're focused on everything from strategy to post-M&A integration planning and execution. 

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Business phases where we help


We work with startups and small companies wishing to enter the market, raise capital, establish core processes or enter new markets.


We have learned where to look and how to achieve results in scaling operations, integrating acquisitions, and executing business carve-outs.


We are world-class experts in digital marketing, sales, partner networks and finding the right talent to take your venture to the next level.


We have led some of the largest transformations in the industry; bringing best practices and insights that you can only gain with experience.


We've worn your shoes

Unbridled Expertise

Every partner in Purple Koru has worn the shoes of at least three of the following roles. We love working with fellow founders, business leaders, PE partners, and Nonprofit leaders to combine our experience in your role with the perspectives we have gained elsewhere.

Flexible Engagement Options

Our engagements are flexible and structured in the way that best helps you. Whether you need a single expert for a limited period of time, an integrated team to tackle a specific project, or a longer-term virtual member of your team, we will make a difference. Guaranteed.

What role do you play? 

What Happens... 

when a group of world-class business leaders, entrepreneurs and transformation experts combine their experiences? 

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